About M2

The Art of Right Relationship

The Mindfulness Movement is a global network of friends and collaborators bound together by compassion for the Earth and all who call it home. It’s a movement founded on the view that change is inevitable but the direction it moves is not. There are ways of seeing and being in the world that bring us into alignment with the inalterable rhythms of life. We can’t control what happens, but we can learn to dance with life in a way that inevitably arcs toward more love and connection.

“…the members of a community create a network of friendships that support and celebrate the individuation of each member within the context of a shared set of values.” — Stephen Batchelor

The intention of the nonprofit M2 Foundation is to support sustainable communities by teaching the art of mindful living. We are a growing, evolving organization dedicated to the radical responsibility of mindful awareness. Our mission is to serve. The guiding principles for everything we do are:

  • generosity
  • perseverance
  • inclusion
  • gratitude
  • hospitality
  • emergence
  • kindness
  • humility
  • equanimity

We are provided all we need to thrive on this blue-green earth. Our greatest challenge is to pay attention, to be vigilant in our effort to learn from the wisdom under our very noses. The way of being in harmony with life is all around us. We need only slow down and look deeply to know the path we seek.