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Finding An Appropriate Response

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A monk asked Zen Master Yún Mén, “What are the teachings of a life time?” Yún Mén said, ”An appropriate response.” How often do we find ourselves wondering, what is an appropriate response now? When there is violence and divisive public discourse, what is an appropriate response? When we are stuck in old patterns or blindsided by loss, what is an appropriate response? Even when we are filled with joy and happiness, what is an appropriate response?

RootBridge-ZoeRudisill2010Circumstances are constantly changing. We can’t predict what will happen or what will be needed in a given situation. What we can do is enhance our capacity to respond. Regardless of circumstances, we can learn to be more clear, calm and aware, we can become more response-able.

George Hebert, the grandfather of parkour, focused his life’s work on the motto – “Be strong to be useful.” He believed that physical fitness was a moral imperative because it prepared us to be of service, to be useful, to be better prepared to make an appropriate response, no matter what the circumstance. Everything we do at M2 is about preparing ourselves to make appropriate responses.


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