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One of the philosophical foundations of M2’s work is that everything is connected. Through our experience we have seen that information is not enough, and for the seeds of mindfulness to take root, the soil must be prepared. Not accounting for the entire eco-system of a school or workplace community runs the risk of minimizing the impact of our work.There are countless examples of educational reforms and corporate paradigms that demonstrate the peril of this approach. It’s our hope that our programming will always reflect our awareness and sensitivity to systems thinking with a holistic approach. It’s all about systemic change.fredlaw

With that philosophy in mind, in 2014 M2 has facilitated numerous employee wellness sessions for companies and businesses all over the Twin Cities area including: Fredrikson & Byron law firm, Dakota Electric, Hennepin County, Scott County and Travelers Insurance. We have also conducted workshops and leader retreats for the Wilder Foundation and Shannon Institute.

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