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An M2 “Group Hug” On MinnPost

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Jim Walsh interviewed M2 Executive Director Marc Anderson and Beth Barron in advance of the Playing For Change Day event at The Cedar on September 21st.

minnpost-300x248From the article:

Anderson once ran for mayor of St. Paul, and at the moment he’d be an excellent write-in candidate to lead any city, state, country, planet going forward into the next version of humanity. Imagine a world in which the mayor greeted citizens each day with a message of meditation and how making a practice of sitting still for minutes or hours at a time fundamentally changes people and how they go about doing things. Imagine the prevailing sanity.

“The issue with human beings is we can’t carry mindfulness and focus with us,” said Anderson. “We lose our vitality and vividness and appreciation of what’s happening, and it’s also difficult to do with things we want to shy away from things or run away. It’s difficult to stay with it, the way you would when you’re playing music, for example.”

To be sure, that locked-in feeling, the “zone” that musicians experience when playing alone or with others, is the sort of transcendental experience that can bear wise fruit along the way. Plenty of which will be there for the picking Saturday at the Cedar, and all over the world.

Read the entire interview at MinnPost.com

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