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A Story in Each Bite

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Each bite of food that we take contains the sun, the rain, the air and the earth. Each bite came to us through the activity of insects and birds and other animals. Each bite contains the labor of farmers, truckers, grocers and the hundreds of other people that work each day doing things that support those professions.many SeedlingsFood is a window into the interconnectedness of all things. Food stands at the center of life, our survival. And because it is so important to all life it is the thread that connects our stories. The things we eat, the way we prepare them, and our methods for eating contain the stories of our grandparents and parents, our cultures and the history of where we come from.

Through the story of food we can connect with our shared humanity; the basic need for survival, and the desire to thrive. Through food we share cultural identities, the creativity and tastes of another time and place. And through food we share our personal stories; our preferences and habits tell the story of where have been and what direction we are heading.

When people all over the country take time to sit down with friends and family to share the story of food, take time to reflect on:

  • where the food on your plate comes from,
  • how did it come to you,
  • what are the stories that it contains.

Remember that with each bite you are taking those many many stories into your own body and making them yours. By receiving the gift of food we string our self, as a bead onto the mala (necklace) of all life.

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