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“Everybody’s Story” by Loyal Rue

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In 138 pages, Loyal Rue breaks down the evolution of life, the existential roots of the global problematic and a more-wishful-than-hopeful vision of a brighter future. His scope is comprehensive and thoughtful, if at times overly simplistic. In making a case for the necessity of a new global narrative he aims at axial religions, consumer culture and political inefficacy as symptoms of the old story — an incomplete story that is in serious need of revision if humans are going to remain viable.

The informal tone and brief nature of the writing is refreshing. The trade off is a cursory overview of nuanced concepts like the Buddhist doctrine of no self, and a less than satisfying conclusion where I was hoping for a little more “how-to” when it comes to actually forming a global narrative.

This is an important read for better understanding how we got to where we are as a species and at least food for thought (if not a set of concrete action steps) for how to turn this blue boat around.

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