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How You Do Anything

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A recent saying I ran across was, “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” In a small sense, I come back to that saying as a gentle reminder for all the little things I do throughout the day.

How am I sitting? How did I open the car door? How do I prepare my delicious coffee in the morning? I will throw a couple Post-It-Notes around as random reminders and it has begun to affect many simple daily actions.

photo 2Taking it to a deeper level. I have always been fascinated with Japanese culture. If you have ever seen or participated in a tea ceremony, preparing and drinking tea picks up a deeper spiritual meaning. I study Kyudo, Japanese long bow archery (not as intensely as I would like right now) as a form of meditation. It can take several minutes to shoot one arrow because such attention is paid to every movement, and there is a ‘spiritualness’ attached to every thing about it.

One of the weekly challenges I asked the Hamline Elementary teachers and the students in my Normandale class to try was to take a task they didn’t like, come up with some routine movements to perform that task, then see if it changes the way the whole thing works and feels. Most said the activity changed for them and at least caused some deeper thinking about paying attention. Some even expressed a little more ‘joy’ doing a dreaded activity. Although the activity won’t necessarily become a favorite, it does become different. Even if it can’t be explained in so many words.

doggiepraying-250x300I know I have never looked at picking up doggie poo quite the same way.

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