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“The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible” by Charles Eisenstein

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My friend Yvette Erasmus told me about this book. Eisenstein is now one of my favorite thinkers and doers in the world of conscious transformation, which in my view includes things like; mindfulness, sustainable land use, the foodie movement, place-making, crowd sourcing and micro-financing, just to name a few. charleseisenstein-200x300The world of people, places and things is quite naturally expressing its heartfelt desire for more cooperation and clarity in thousands of ways. Our job is to become sensitive enough, mindful enough, caring enough to actually pay attention to what is really being called for and build the kinds of communities that can support the changes necessary. Eisenstein is a leader in this kind of thinking and acting in the world.

A couple of quotes from the book:

“ ….all of our external institutions reflect our basic perceptions of the world, our invisible ideologies and belief systems. In that sense we can say that the ecological crisis – like all our crises – is a spiritual crisis.”

“Enlightenment is a group activity.”

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