How We Engage with Cultures

We are using the term cultures to define any group, organization or community.

At the level of cultures, mindfulness is the work of creating environments, forms and patterns of conduct that support generative relationships within the context of a specific community. The structures and cultural habits a culture reinforces directly affect the quality of relationships in that culture, and the capacity of individuals to lead productive and satisfying lives. Mindfulness is a value that can be encouraged and supported through the systems we create.

“We are birthed into sangha, into sacred community. It is called the world.” – Adyashanti

All organizational systems, from large corporations to families units, develop ways of behaving, styles of conduct, languages and prevailing views that are based on values embedded and perpetuated through their shared narratives. Mindful communities align patterns of conduct, structural systems and physical environments with narratives that value inclusiveness, non-judgment, clarity and compassion.

We partner with communities to support mindfulness as a value, an evaluative lens and as specific practices and skills. Our programming takes into account mindfulness across the three domains — Cultures, Relationships and the Individual — with the view that sustainable transformation requires a holistic approach. We work collaboratively with stakeholders to clarify their values, establish clear intentions and develop strategies that will allow them to honestly assess their current narratives and shift in the direction of greater well-being, empathetic connection and sustainability for the organization and all of its members.