M2 Programs

Everyone wants more happiness for themselves and those they love. It is equally true that there is a gap between what we know is possible in that regard and what our lived reality is. There are countless examples of kindness, cooperation, creativity and beauty in the world, and still we fall short of our potential. As good as life is, there’s room for improvement. An even more beautiful world is possible.

It is within our power to be happier and to live with purpose, poise and dignity. Our actions today create the world we live in tomorrow. We can be productive and thoughtful at the same time but it requires making a commitment to ourselves and to our places of learning and work, and where we live. At M2, we are committed to the work of assisting people and organizations in identifying their dreams and designing practical and sustainable methods for realizing those dreams. We develop custom programs and we also offer ongoing opportunities to practice mindfulness in our community through our Urban Monk, Zen Village, and Junk Funk programs.