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Community is the nature of existence, the source of our greatest joys and our biggest challenges. Mindfulness connects us to our relatedness, the ways we are dependent on each other, the earth and the vast network of life and the realization of our dreams. Mindfulness energizes us, motivating us to take responsible action in the world and moving us to work together toward a more sustainable future.

“When we no longer hold a rigid self / other distinction then we recognize that the world mirrors the self; that to work on the self it is necessary to work in the world, and to work effectively in the world, it is necessary to work on the self.” – Charles Eisenstein

We offer a variety of events, retreats and trainings for people of all ages, interests and experience levels. Our programs are built on a comprehensive framework for applying mindful perspectives and practices in daily life; caring for body, mind, and spirit. Our programs are collaborative and support people in making choices and commitments for themselves that lead to real transformation, greater health and lasting happiness.


Beautiful traditions the world over have evolved to celebrate the simplicity and quiet power of tea. From the highly ritualized dignity of Japanese tea ceremonies to the convivial spirit of Russian tea there is a common thread of mindfulness, community and style.

We love tea and we love gathering together to enjoy the many versions of this magical beverage. During our Tea events we feature a different culture and explore it through food, poetry, art, music, conversation and delicious tea. Sometimes we end with a champagne toast!

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Life’s natural rhythm undulates from movement to rest. Retreats are a time we dedicate to rest and renewal. They give us the space to step back from daily patterns and habits so that we can take a fresh look, regain our strength and start anew.

We offer retreats of various lengths throughout the year. All of our retreats include time for silent contemplation, a focused reading or reflection topic, shared meals, tea, conversation and gentle movement. We use a simple and flexible format that allows anyone to participate and benefit from the experience.

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Peaceful Dwelling

In Japanese Zen a training period is called “ango” or Peaceful Dwelling. The roots of ango go back to the time of Shakyamuni Buddha, when he and his community would gather together for periods of intense meditation and study during the rainy season. M2 Mindfulness Training periods offer the structure, support and the accountability necessary to realize noticeable and positive transformation.

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