Trinny Woodall's renaissance: The TV fashionista, 59, has a six pack, a tan and doesn't

With a new book out, TV fashionista TRINNY WOODALL talks candidly to Susannah Butler about her break up, raising a daughter and what it's like running a cosmetics empire! Woodall will turn 60 in February and feels she has reached a new, emancipated stage of her life. In spring she broke up with her partner of ten years, the advertising mogul Charles Saatchi, 80; her daughter Lyla, 19, is about to head to university in Spain; and she has hit her stride in her second career, as CEO of her expanding make-up and skincare business, Trinny London (valued at about £180 million).


JOANNE HEGARTY: I am looking forward to the new season because there is a plain-speaking chic about autumn's most wearable looks that, at first glance, appears formulaic.

Tales from The Queen's queue From 69-year-old Suzie who was still grieving her husband to

When the Queen died last September, the queue to see her lying in state at Westminster Abbey extended through London. Now, Alexandra Heminsley shares the stories of the queuers and their waits.

Let's talk about specs: Eyeing up a new pair of glasses? Fashion stylist Stephanie

Fashion stylist Stephanie Sofokleous looks at different glasses. She puts them into four style sections: Warm, metal, geometric and bright, so there is a style to suit everyone. Geometric glasses are guaranteed to add drama to your everyday look. Whereas warmer glasses are retro, ultra-glamorous classics that flatter all skin tones.

'How the words "I'm sorry, but your baby has died" changed our lives forever': WILLIAM

WILLIAM HENRY SEARLE: Now we live in a remote valley in North Cornwall and Eli will be five next month. In the darkness after losing Elowen, I could never have imagined that we would make it this far. I am so proud. And I never take a moment with my son for granted. He is my world. To those people who don't know us, it looks as though we only have one child. But we have two: Eli and Elowen. It's just that Elowen is felt in the heart rather than seen with the eyes. Pictured left: William, his wife, and their son Eli.

The earliest surviving terrestrial globe was built in Germany in 1492 by the textile merchant and cartographer Martin Behaim.

So summer came and went in a stormy flash and it's time to look to the new season (as we put those barely worn floaty dresses in storage). 

ARABELLA GREENHILL: The wheel is not being reinvented when we say a blazer is a wardrobe staple. But it's a hardworking, timeless piece that will update everything.

Behind the door of an unassuming 1930s semi in Whitley Bay lives the woman responsible for two of TV's biggest crime dramas, Ann Cleeves.

Between 1600 and 1800, the hand-painted or block-printed calico was brought to Europe by Dutch and Portuguese merchants.

The You Magazine team went in search to see if anything can help fix thinning hair. They take a look at products, extensions and even DNA testing.

The only problem with Taverna Spiros, a small restaurant on the tiny Greek island of Antipaxos, is the requirement of a boat to reach it

Stephanie Sofokleous picked out a denim trench coat from UK sustainable fashion brand Aligne. She shares its eco credentials and provides an overall rating to help you make up your mind.

Our recipes are from Pub Kitchen by Tom Kerridge, with photographs by Cristian Barnett, to be published by Bloomsbury on 14 September,

It's been hard to ignore the news about ultra-processed foods (UPFs). While a lot of what we eat goes through some processing it does not necessarily alter the nutritional value. 

The actress, 36, tells Charlotte Vossen about her teenage Breezer years, fizz on top of a mountain and coffee culture in Belfast, her hometown.

This week Anna Pursglove takes a look at 'house hushing'. This is thought to be the new way 'to clutter your life and radically improve your wellbeing.'

When the Manchester Central Convention Complex opens on 7 September for this competition the halls will thrill to the sound of peonies being put through their paces.

This week, everyone's talking about one-downmanship a term coined by Martin Amis to describe competitive gloom.

You Magazine speaks to Rod Stewart, from London, about the desire to perform inebriated, the pleasure of Guinness and the perils of too much whisky.

To squeeze the most of the summer out, try your hand at these tasty recipes from the Great British Bake Off's Chetna Makan - which pack more heat than the current British weather does.

The term 'almond mum' refers to a legendary clip from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, 2013. In it, supermodel Gigi Hadid complains to her mother that she feels weak from eating... 'half an almond'.

Noble Rot, or Botrytis cinerea, is a benevolent fungus that attacks grapes, causing them to shrivel, intensifying their sweetness while adding complexity and depth to the resulting wines.

Selina Mills, aged 52, only has 15 per cent of her sight left. This month, she's publishing her first book: Life Unseen, a funny - but not flippant - work that is part memoir and part a history of blindness.

Want more Barbie in your life? You can now buy Barbie the Movie x Impala in-line skates (£162.99), Barbie x Superga pink trainers (£95), a Barbie x Tangle Teezer Brush (£14)...

This is a classic - and absolutely delicious - summer dessert that can be cooked in the oven or the dying embers of a barbecue.

SOPHIE HINES: It all starts with a trip to the bakery. Or rather, the boulangerie, because I'm in Paris, sweating profusely in the early morning sunshine as I try to order breakfast.

Fashion director Sophie Dearden gives three women stuck in a workwear rut an update that means business. Wendy Wason, Natalie Lovett, and Deena Ataie try out new workwear style.

UK fashion expert Joanne Hegarty shares what she'll be wearing this summer, from a pale blue trouser suit for Wimbledon to easy-to-wear dresses from high-street favourite Zara on holiday.

There's no such thing as 'good' glitter - and as Barry M concedes, its cellulose-based range does contain a small amount of microplastic that doesn't biodegrade.

The recipe I've shared here uses an Asian style chilli garlic sauce, one of my favourites as it is a quick and easy way to add heaps of flavour to stir-fries.

I love eating courgettes at this time of year, but they can be tricky to cook. They've got a high water content, so when you want them to go golden and caramelised, they can just end up pale and mushy.

This week, Anna Pursglove dives deep into 'bardcore' - the musical, stylish and literary trend which sees the Middle Ages reimagined for the modern lens.

Lisa Snowdon, the TV and radio presenter from Welwyn Garden City, reveals the beauty secrets which helped her get back on track from the menopause.

Rosie Green reveals the tried-and-tested treatments guaranteed to restore your frazzled skin and hair. She recommends Murad x Hydrafacial, laser facial and Hair Botox.

Rehab was founded by friends Vicky and Anastasia in 2022 when they launched their Dose 1.0 Hair Oil in biodegradable capsules. Now they're back with a waste-free hair product...

Pilates has had a sexy makeover. Now it's incredibly glam, really hard, extremely Instagrammable - and very expensive.

Our recipes are taken from 5 Ingredients Mediterranean by Jamie Oliver, with photographs by David Loftus, which is published by Penguin Michael Joseph, £28.

The high street is full of vibrant shades that inspire us to be bold. And no trend shouts 'bold' as loudly as colour-blocking.

Oliver and former model Jools have known each other since they were both 17, long before he was spotted by a TV crew while working as a sous-chef at West London's River Cafe...

The veteran marriage counsellor, who boasts A-list disciples from Bruce Springsteen to Gwyneth Paltrow, has spent 25 years pulling Hollywood marriages back from the brink.

Actress Sara Pascoe, from east London, speaks about how she did not feel embarrassed about being infertile or going through IVF, but privileged.

Like a souped-up beans on toast, this is quick, simple comfort food that's perfect for evenings when you don't feel like cooking.

JOANNE HEGARTY: Then aged 75, and wearing men's dark cords and a simple knit, she told me - in her cut-glass English accent despite decades living in France - that she didn't do dresses...

Patrick Grant, 51, grew up in Edinburgh and studied materials science at Leeds University. He describes the BBC's The Great British Sewing Bee as 'like Disney World for sewing fans'.

There are brochure-pretty, well-groomed little Greek islands, and then there's mighty Crete, which could be its own country: mountainous, remote, widely untamed by tourism and fiery of spirit.

Oh, we do love to be beside the seaside, preferably with a vast platter of seafood and a glass of something white and cool. 

YOU Magazine have put together some outfits including floaty cuts and peekaboo details, perfect for summer. From a black Oh Polly dress to a silky beige skirt from Ghost, there's a style to suit you.

At times, Riva can feel like a large dinner party, as tables chat to each other, and Andrea wanders around the room, telling tales and pouring you a glass of his new favourite wine...

Before autumn descends and nights draw in, let's have one last hurrah: the bank-holiday weekend. 

Dining spaces are about striking a balance between being practical enough for daily use and stylish enough for a dinner party atmosphere. But how do you get the balance right?

The TV presenter, 46, tells Samuel Fishwick about boozing with Beyoncé, how Bollinger made his day and why he'd like to share a glass with Jesus.

This week, UK writer and columnist Liz Jones opens up about how important dogs are in her life - and how often they've acted as a support system for her.

Now lashes are in the spotlight because new treatments mean we can improve on our god-given lot and still look natural. Which is good news because as we age lashes get sparser. Oh joy.

Cobalt has since trickled down into interiors, with several new launches featuring the colour.

Restaurant critic Tom Parker Bowles takes refuge from the Balearic heat at Ibiza's coolest new beachfront restaurant. And wine expert Charlotte Kristensen reveals a list of Picpoul pleasers.

'Jude Law's moustache is doing things to people,' announced GQ when the actor unveiled his. Ewan McGregor is be-tached, as are Pedro Pascal and Danny Dyer.

E L JAMES: I like to crack open a bottle of rosé champagne when I finish a book. Either Ruinart Rosé, Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé or Bollinger La Grande Année Rosé - whatever we have cold.

Coralie Bickford- Smith's illustrations are popular. So popular, in fact, that people have them as tattoos. Someone has a fox she drew on their chest.

Sitting on a rainy afternoon with a crisp glass of chablis in the bar of The Shelbourne hotel in Dublin, I waited for a colleague I hadn't seen for 16 years.

Unless you live under a rock, you'll be aware of the Barbie effect dominating fashion, with designers such as Valentino dedicating much of their latest collections to the vibrant shade. 

On 23 July 2013, the day after his birth, Prince George made his first public appearance on the steps of the Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital in London.

Since the 1930s, the moorings off Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, have provided an idyllic setting for creative people who preferred life on the bohemian side.

In Bayswater, London, Tom finds an unassuming little Malaysian restaurant that's big on quality.

ARABELLA GREENHILL: These pieces look slick together, but are just as stylish when worn separately: use the shirt as a beach cover-up, slip on the shorts for lunch, then head off sightseeing...

SARAH BEENY on living in a house full of men: Property ladder star reveals her sons'

TV star Sarah Beeny, from reading, speaks to You Magazine about the mansion she built for her family and what it's like to live in a house full of men. Viewers of Sarah Beeny's New Life in the Country will know this house, which she and her husband, artist Graham Swift, built for themselves and their four sons, Billy, 19, Charlie, 17, Rafferty, 15 and Laurie, 13. It is a vast grey classical-style mansion, near the fashionable Somerset town of Bruton, which is mocked - and envied - for its glossiness: the Cotswolds of the West.

When Adam Cox was in his 20s he travelled around Bolivia with a silver flute. The Shropshire native had other things with him too, but the flute was important. 

As 22-year-old Alex South inched through security to enter HMP Whitemoor, a high-security men's prison in Cambridgeshire, she felt petrified, and completely out of her depth.

Although communal baths in columned courtyards have gone the way of the Holy Roman Empire, bijou copper tubs for one - ideally with meadow views - are very much in.

Highclere has just 5,000 acres of land, a modest pile by comparison with Blenheim or Balmoral, but finances are a constant worry. It needs to make about a million pounds a year just to stay standing.

This week, everyone's talking about hot chefs - including Carmy, played by Jeremy Alen White in The Bear and his British co-star Will Poulter. Both are shown sporting tattoos and fashionable T-shirts.

YOU Magazine highlights the stylish faces and ensembles gracing the streets of Paris this summer.

After a flood two days before Christmas in 2020, Simon Mills set about renovating his 17th-century cottage in west Oxfordshire. Now, he and girlfriend Annabel are tackling the interior design.

We often save new tailoring trends for smarter occasions. However, this summer's fresh, modern trouser suits are relaxed and versatile, rivalling floral dresses as the casual go-to.

'Guinea pigs, a parrot and, oh, a snake would be ideal.' This represented a first for me in terms of requests for a private tasting menu.

When Cathy, a lecturer from the Midlands, walked into her son's room and saw the way he dropped his phone, she knew instinctively that something was seriously wrong.

Becky Hunter was meant to be returning home from Benguerra Island off the coast of Mozambique when the pandemic meant she became stranded in April 2020.

The moment Jenny Jackson typed 'the end', she knew that she had a hit on her hands.

JOANNE HEGARTY: We all have a fantasy job we'd love to have done in another life. Mine would be a location scout for the movies or, these days, most likely Netflix.

Estimated to grow globally three times faster than traditional retail by 2026, the preloved fashion market is booming.

His parents were immigrants from the Pakistan/Afghanistan border region. Both were illiterate and barely spoke English. His mother was just 14 when she entered an arranged marriage.

Recently my husband has started to make love to me properly. While this has put our sex life in the 'amazing' category, I can't help but think that the reason for this turnaround is another woman.

Interior designers Nate Berkus and his partner Jeremiah Brent have created joy. The pair have transformed their Manhattan town house into a have in the city.

UK style expert Stephanie Sofokleous shares how you can amp up your look with fancy feathers, model-worthy mesh, stunning sequins and riveting ruching.

Food and family have been central to actor Stanley Tucci's  life from the start. In 2017, Tucci was diagnosed with tongue cancer and nearly lost his taste.

Why are so many streets in Italy called Senso Unico?' my father asked, looking at the sign before turning right. A motorist coming towards us flashed his lights and honked his horn.

HATTIE CRISELL: The great thing about enduring love is that even after you've settled into a stable, predictable relationship, the one you adore can always surprise you.

Katie Zelem, Manchester United Women's captain and member of the Lionesses World Cup squad is a rising star of a rising sport.

In her lifetime Sand, one of the most famous writers in Europe, was prolific, publishing upwards of 50 novels as well as works of nonfiction, drama and journalism.

According to market research, the global protein powder market is expected to grow to £33 billion by 2028.

The Anstey factory was founded in the early 20th century, moving to the Loughborough HQ in 2000, and uses a funny combination of old-fashioned and high-tech methods.

YOU Magazine highlights the stylish faces and ensembles gracing the streets of Paris this summer.

UK writer Rosamund Dean underwent eight months of radiotherapy and further chemotherapy after surgery. When it was all over, she expected to feel euphoric, but didn't. Now, she's worked out why.

JOANNE HEGARTY: Over the coronation weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to a reception at Windsor Castle... The highlight was undoubtedly a surreal conversation with Princess Anne.

My father was the success story of a grammar schoolboy in postwar London: from a family of working-class immigrant Jews with grit, determination and not much academic success.

UK writer Holly Smale, 42, reveals how a late autism diagnosis has made her reflect on past romantic relationships and love. 'For most of my life I believed I was "broken",' she writes.

Anthony Seldon praises the legacy of King Charles III - and says that for many years he saw him as an 'older brother' - despite his living in Petts Wood, Southeast London, rather than the Palace.

LAURA CRAIK: What Gomez stands for is both significant and unique. She's at the top of her game, a former child star who has successfully parlayed her early fame into a business empire.

Poundbury has 2,320 homes, 4,600 residents and 240 businesses employing 2,400 people. There's even a startup success story: Dorset Cereals had its first factory here.

UK writer Stacey Heale speaks about how she didn't just lose her husband and the father of her two young children, but many fragments of herself, including her connection to sexuality.

The top TV chef, 47, tells Tom Parker Bowles about unlikely delicacies, family feasts on her Pacific home island and making it in a male-dominated career.

Pitta bread is warmed on the grill, before being stuffed with shavings of herby chicken (along with crunchy slivers of skin), red cabbage and shredded lettuce, then anointed with a squirt of lemon juice...

Big clients expect you to go that extra mile to meet their specific needs. Our anonymous insider shares his stories - from crashing a Ferrari to being flown out to the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Founded in 2018 by friends Carl Tomkinson and Olivia Watson, Helm London is a vegan brand selling handmade soy wax candles made from ethically sourced ingredients.

According to a report published last summer by Ideal Home, Brits are spending £1.9 billion a year on candles. But, as prices continue to soar, Anna Pursglove explains why she's not a fan.

Influential artist Frida Kahlo meets power fashion house Dior's latest cruise presentation - the perfect storm. But why did Chiuri pick Mexican-born Kahlo, who died nearly 70 years ago?

UK writer Sophia Money-Coutts goes beyond the simple sandwich to discover the 'cult' concoctions, with extra-large fillings, enormous followings on social media and often ironic names.

AJ Odudu, who grew up in Lancashire, speaks about how she got into exercise from a young age, where she chose to take up athletics. AJ says fitness has taught her perseverance.

Maddy Fletcher and Charlotte Vossen have the lowdown on what to see and do this summer. From the new Barbie film to Bristol's Balloon Fiesta, there's something for everyone.

Can we just address this four-poster bed thing, please? It's a four-post bed - not a 'four-poster'. Certainly not a four-poster bed! Terribly common to use the wrong terminology.

Since his first novel, The Bat, was published in Norway in 1997, he's sold 55 million books, 13 of which star his iconic detective Harry Hole, and been translated into 40 languages.

Sarah Vine reviews the Ugg Sugarcloud slide - which has thousands of daily page views on the brand's website. However, the UK write doesn't appear to be a fan of the 'drippy' footwear.

Mary Killen and Giles Wood, the breakout stars of Channel 4's Gogglebox, live in what they call the Grottage - a long red-brick house in a hamlet in Wiltshire.

Sixteen years on, there is a new No7 skincare range that promises to reverse skin damage and has all the science to back it up. Is Boots looking at its next Horizon moment?

JOANNE HEGARTY: Quiet luxury, my other favourite expression, is currently something of an obsession on planet fashion, especially after Gwyneth's cashmere-clad 'I lost half a day skiing' appearances.

Q: I am being pulled in two directions emotionally. My partner of 33 years, who is 72, has Parkinson's disease. 

Good cured meats can be pricey, though, so the key is to use them a bit like a seasoning rather than as a hero ingredient. You don't need a lot to impart that intense salty flavour.

Barbara Kingsolver is reeling. The 68-year-old mum of-two from southwest Virginia has spent the past year captivating the literary world. 

Joanne Hegarty says that she often gets asked for advice on what to wear on Christmas day. The UK-based fashion expert explains that in some ways it can be one of the trickiest outfits of the year

Self-confessed package-holiday snob Marianne Jones never dreamed of taking an all-inclusive holiday - until she tried a resort in West Africa

JOANNE HEGARTY: At the Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2024 show last month, Diana-esque motifs were scattered throughout, including 80s-inspired frills...

Tracy-Ann Oberman's current project, The Merchant of Venice 1936, marries her classical training with her family history and a more recent role as a campaigner against antisemitism.

This week, Anna Pursglove explains why tourdrobes are dominating the concert catwalks for stars like Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Harry Styles.

The grande dame of literature, having recently published her 32nd book, talks life, love, loss and why she loves her home in in Holland Park - where she's lived since 1959.

Laura Haddock, 37, has appeared in everything from Transformers and Guardians of the Galaxy blockbusters to the latest Downton Abbey movie.